Marie has been with Aurora Tamariki since 2018, bringing all her life experience and care of people with her.

Marie places high value in being reliable and committed to whatever she does. She is a clear communicator with an emphasis on openness and honesty, taking a strongly intuitive approach to decision-making.

At Aurora Tamariki, Marie enjoys the commitment that everyone has to their roles, what they do alongside the children, and their passion for this work. She sees the early years as the most important time in a child's life, with very strong value foundations set down in those first five years.

Her favourite part of being at Aurora Tamariki is the connection she makes with the children. Every child is their own person with concerns, cares and questions that are just as important and big as those that adults have, and Marie loves to spend time relating to the children on their level.

Outside of work Marie has a lot of hobbies, including tramping or hiking, travelling, reading, knitting, sewing, art, music, and just keeping her love of learning alive.