Getting into the Habit

Children at play at Aurora Tamariki in Pine Hill Dunedin
Children at play at Aurora Tamariki in Pine Hill Dunedin

Becoming part of our Whanau begins with 'getting into the habit' of being at Aurora Tamariki

★The best way for our children to learn about being here is spending time here and below is a carefully organised structured timetable to introduce children to our centre.

To start the process we offer Garden Visits

  • We begin getting into the habit with garden visits.  This is a time for you to come with your child during our outside play session in the garden, for you it will be a time to read through our hand book of policies and procedures.  For your child it will be time to play at Aurora, get to know some children all while at a safe distance to you.
  • You will need to arrange suitable times prior to each visit and there can be as many visits as necessary, your teacher will guide you through this process.
  • During the garden sessions you are responsible for your child.
  • Please refrain from engaging with the teachers or the other children.  Teachers will greet, but this is a time to simply be with us. (see observation sheet for guidelines)
  • If questions arise we ask that you write these down and arrange a time to have a discussion.
  • Once the handbook has been read, please ensure you have signed that you read and agree to all the policies and procedures.

Step 1: Getting to know Aurora with your parent nearby to support you

  • Parents come to the session with their child and arrive between 8/9 and stay for 1 hour
  • Parents are given a task to do during this time, a teacher will guide you and find the appropriate task that will best support you and your child. (See the visiting session guidelines.)
  • This step can be repeated as necessary, parents and teachers to discuss what feels best for the child at the time.

Step 2: Building trust in new relationships (without parents)

  • Parents are to leave their child (for a short time 10-20 minutes) after going slowly through the daily routines with their child and seeing their child connect with a teacher or engage in play.  Staff will guide you to when this moment arises.  Parents are only to go for a brisk walk, or somewhere close by.
  • When the parent comes back you and the child leave, this supports the child to know that althrough you leave, you always come back.
  • Parents are to be contactable during this time, or not too far away.

Step 3: Gradually growing the depth of the trust and relationships (without parents) 

  • Parents are to leave their child after the daily routines, and come back after morning tea at 11:00, pick up is then during the outside time.
  • From this step we can extend the pick up time to the child’s full-booked hours.

★It is important to establish strong reciprocal trusting relationship with a key teacher, but this isn’t possible while the parents are present, if parents stay too long the child believes the parent will always stay and receives a shock when they eventually do leave and the child may become very distressed.  To support a smooth, successful transition we suggest three visits: Step1-3. However, these are guidelines for supporting children and whānau into the centre each child will require different support.  We hope that this outline gives a picture of how we can support children to get into our habits at Aurora Tamariki.★

Our getting into the habit process usually takes around 2-3 weeks.  

Please note: While more than one parent/caregiver is welcome at Aurora Tamariki we have found it easier for children to say goodbye to one parent when they begin their time with us.

We provide Waldorf inspired early years care in Pine Hill, Dunedin.
We provide Waldorf inspired early years care in Pine Hill, Dunedin.

Enrolment Fee

A non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $200.00 is payable upon enrolment. This fee covers administrative costs including your child’s preparations, bedding, sleeping doll, and fees while the child transitions into Aurora. 

Fees for permanent bookings

Children 0-3 years of age   $8.00 per hour

Children 3-6 years of age   $2.50 per hour (Optional charge 20 hours- 6 hours per day) with $8.00 per hour after 20 hours

The charges include all our organic meals provided at Aurora. 

Minimum hours apply.

Fees for casual bookings

For children to add a session to their regular booking the casual booking rate is $10.00 per hour.

Children get the opportunity to play in nature at Aurora Tamariki in Pine Hill
Children get the opportunity to play in nature at Aurora Tamariki in Pine Hill

Methods of Payment

  • Payments are made weekly or monthly by automatic payment via internet banking.

Subsidies Available

Further information about subsidies for childcare is available below.

At Aurora your child will need:

  • Over pants/rain jacket
  • Gumboots
  • Wool hat/Sun hat
  • Inside shoes
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Light long sleeves (sun protection)
  • Wet/dry bag for dirty or wet clothes
  • Nappies if applicable 


  • At the start of the day when the children arrive they come inside and take off their outside shoes and put on their inside shoes/slippers.   Your child will need a pair of inside shoes and a pair of gumboots that stay with us at the centre.
  • A cubby has been designated for your child.  Please place a spare change of clothes inside the basket in your cubby and hang their outside gear on an available hook, ready for our outside playtime.  Choses the gear necessary for the day, over pants, jackets, hats sun/wool.   If possible the children could assist with this process each day.
  • Each day when you arrive place your child’s sleeping doll in the doll basket above the cubbies or directly into your child’s cot, ready for your child’s afternoon rest.. At the end of the day the doll goes home, and is placed where your child sleeps. This strengthens the connection between home and Aurora.
  • If you have a child using nappies we ask that you put the nappies in their nappy basket leaving extras in their cubby for emergency.  Any other items they require can go into their nappy basket (labelled) and a reusable wet bag.

Once the sunflower room has been organized we ask that you connect with a teacher and pass on any necessary information about your child’s night and general well-being.  Please ensure you sign in and out each day.  

It is important to note that when considering these activities (hanging coats and taking shoes on/off) that you chose items that the child will be able to achieve independently.  If a child is unable to do this on their own teachers are talented at supporting and guiding children, but they do need appropriate gear to achieve their desired goals of independent success.  

‘Arrive as if you never left and leave as if you are still with us’

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