Izumi has years of experience with Steiner education. She first joined as a parent when her daughter was in a Steiner playgroup, and remained actively involved in the following years through primary and intermediate schooling. Izumi was a craft group leader for 5 years then served on a school Board of Trustees for seven years - including three years as Board Chair. She was a teacher at a Rudolf Steiner kindergarten for seven years before joining Aurora Tamariki in June of 2021.

For Izumi, it is important to bring an understanding of love and care to her role. She says she is in constant amazement of each child's capacity as an individual, and loves to see the smiles of children, their first steps of walking, and each child growing into their own beautiful being.

She says that Aurora Tamariki provides a beautiful environment where everybody - both little and big - are respected. It is a place where everyone is safe and valued. She appreciates her colleagues and their passion, idealism, and professionalism.

Izumi has the understanding that when you are present with children, it is like a form of mindfulness. You need to be 100% present with the child or it doesn't work.

Outside of work. Izumi has an interest in wildlife conservation and loves being outside and taking photographs. Izumi says she likes to explore the meaning of life in both scientific and spiritual ways.